Gemini Data Loggers (UK) Ltd.

Giriraj Associates is rightfully proud of its association with Gemini Data Loggers (UK) Ltd, for their Tinytag range of data loggers. A decade young association has made Tinytag series a most recognized brand in its category of products in India. Thousands of installation cutting across all segments of industry makes Tinytag Series of loggers a leader in India.

Intab Interface Teknik AB

Giriraj Associates has tie up with Intab Interface Teknik AB, of Sweden for their PC-Logger range of Multiple Channel Data Loggers.

PC Loggers are very powerful and flexible logger system with 8 to 24 channels with options such as digital I/O, pulse counters, modem / GSM connectivity......

Bassi Luigi & C.
Giriaj Associates are Indian representatives of leading European manufacturer of butt welding fittings, piping equipments and special products M/s. Bassi Luigi & C, Spa, Italy.
Bassi Luigi offers Butt Welding Fittings.....
S.I.M.A.S. spa A Bassi group company designs and manufactures: Induction Bends, Piping Fabrication, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Column & Slug Catchers, Complete Skit Assemblies, Launcher & Reciever Pig Traps & Special Products....
Munson Machinery Inc.
Giriraj Associates proudly announces their association with one of the oldest running company in its region M/s. Munson Machinery Inc. Utica, NY - USA. Munson is a world leader in mixers, blenders and size reduction equipment for bulk solid materials.....
MSR Electronics.
Giriraj Associates is in strategic tie up with MSR Electronics, Switzerland for their range of Modular Signal Recorders.....
Infinite, Industrial Informatics Ltd.

Latest in Giriraj's offering is Remote Control & Telemetry - INternet Enabled Devices from Infinite, Greece.

  • DX machina: Complete MRP system to manage and control the industrial production
  • Low-cost, internet enabled data acquisition devices as RTU/dataloggers, ID terminals, etc
BW Technologies Ltd
Giriraj Associates is in strategic tie up with BW Technologies Ltd, Canada for their range of Gas Detection Products....
Please, contact us for more details.
Mobitron AB
Mobitron AB
We proudly announce our association with Mobitron AB, Sweden a leading global supplier of data loggers with built-in sensors for Temperature, Humidity, Impact, etc. Cargolog helps customers reduce damage and maintenance costs during transport and handling of materials, while improving the security of customer's business.