Innovations to bring out Real Life Solution irrespective of field of application and import substitutes in Sensors, Measurements and Logging for OE clients and large customers is our specialty.

Giriraj Associates have worked up products and solve their customer's problems time and again using engineering competence and ability to understand requirements. That includes products for monitoring and storing data for parameters such as Speed, Load, Pressure, Flow, Level, and Moisture. Also we have been able to design and manufacture products such as energy suppression cables, industrial RAM, swing gauges, occupancy sensors, DC to DC converters, Flow Totalizers, Igniter, Governor, etc and list is ever increasing. Each of these products / solution has history behind its development and it would be our privilege to share the same with you if that helps you identify it with any of your requirements. Please, contact us.

Speedo” is our sensor for monitoring speed in vehicles. It is new age sensor based on Hall effect principles and ideal for all modern automobiles for sensing speed for various purpose such as monitoring, controlling etc.

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IHAL 300:
The IHAL 300 is an ideal sensor for target wheel application, ignition timing, antilock break system and revolution counting in extreme automotive and industrial environments.