Data Logging is Giriraj's specialty domain and Giriraj have been successfully giving products and solutions to customers for monitoring temperature, relative humidity (RH), mV, mA, Rain, Voltages, Flow, Level, Pressure, etc.

Giriraj offers data loggers for every need; such as single/dual channel battery powered data loggers from Tinytag - UK, Multiple channels universal input data loggers from Intab - Sweden, Single use / disposable data loggers, GSM/Lan loggers from Infinite - Greece, Modular Signal Recorders from MSR - Switzerland and custom built data loggers for application specific requirements built in-house.

Customized data logging is our specialty and we invite you to contact us back with your requirements and we are confident to be able to work up a product / solution for you.
Single / Dual Channel Battery Powered Re-Usable Data Loggers:
Tinytag series of miniature battery powered data loggers from Gemini Data Loggers (UK) are versatile products mainly used for temperature, RH, mV, mA, etc. Tinytag are self contained rugged data loggers used in various industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, healthcare, logistics, etc.

Owing Long battery life, very low maintenance, and an effective after sales support has made Tinytag enjoy largest share in India in its category of products.

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Single Use / Disposable Data Logger:
"Solo-Temperatures" is compact and powerful logger for monitoring temperature during transit of temperature sensitive products such as vaccines, dairy products, agriculture crops, fruits, paints, etc.

"Solo-Temperatures" is compact and powerful logger for monitoring temperature during transit of temperature sensitive products such as vaccines, dairy products, agriculture crops, fruits, paints, etc. We offer off the self delivery and annual rate contracts of "Solo-Temperatures" for exporters and bulk users making life easy for transit temperature monitoring. With thousands of Solo-Temperatures in use, it is fast becoming a must product amongst temperature sensitive products exporters in India.

Please contact us for more details and click here for downloading data sheet of "Solo-Temperatures"
Multiple Channels Data Loggers:
Giriraj Associates has tie up with Intab Interface Teknik AB, of Sweden for their PC-Logger range of Multiple Channel Data Loggers.

PC Loggers are very powerful and flexible logger system with 8 to 24 channels with options such as digital I/O, pulse counters, modem / GSM connectivity, etc.

Easyview analytical software used with PC- Loggers is easily amongst world's best graphing software and with user friendly specification offers client a professional analytical tool for measurement data.

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Butt Welding Fittings:
Giriaj Associates are Indian representatives of leading European manufacturer of butt welding fittings, piping equipments and special products M/s. Bassi Luigi & C, Spa, Italy.

Bassi Luigi offers Butt Welding Fittings from 1” to 102”, Equal and Reducing Tees, Barred and Sphere Tees, Long Radius/Short Radius, Elbows, Large Diameter Bends, Concentric and Eccentric Reducers, Croses & Caps, Manifolds, Headers, Pipe Spools Prefabricated Slug Catchers, Gas Reduction Stations, Complete Skids with piping equipments and Special Products.

Bassi Luigi has extensively worked with leading engineering consultants and Indian companies such as KTI, Reliance,

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Induction Bends / Piping Fabrication:  
S.I.M.A.S. spa A Bassi group company designs and manufactures: Induction Bends, Piping Fabrication, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Column & Slug Catchers, Complete Skit Assemblies, Launcher & Reciever Pig Traps & Special Products.

With over forty years of experience and in house competence of its engineers S.I.M.A.S has proven reliable supplier who delivers quality products in time.

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Process Equipments Mixers, Blenders and Size Reduction Equipments for Bulk Materials:

Giriraj Associates proudly announces their association with one of the oldest running company in its region M/s. Munson Machinery Inc. Utica, NY - USA.

Munson is a world leader in mixers, blenders and size reduction equipment for bulk solid materials.

Since 1823, Munson has continually set the industry standard for durability, evidenced by numerous machines from the early 1900s operating at customer locations to this day.

As important as reliability, however, is Munson's pace-setting technology that enables you to cut energy costs, increase capacity, minimize maintenance and boost efficiency while producing higher quality products.

Whether your application is small, large, straightforward or problematic, Munson can satisfy it with unequalled cost effectiveness. Munson also manufactures liquid/solid separation equipment as well as metal finishing equipment, also detailed in this web site.

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MSR Electronics : Modular Signal Recorder

Giriraj Associates is in strategic tie up with MSR Electronics, Switzerland for their range of Modular Signal Recorders.

MSR develops and markets mobile, flexible signal acquisition instruments manufactured to the highest quality for applications in the following fields:

  • Pharmaceuticals Industry
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Aviation
  • Research and Development
  • Performance Sports
  • Engineering
  • Medical Technology
  • Chemicals Industry
  • Textile Industry

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    Remote Control & Telemetry - Internet Enabled Devices

    Latest in Giriraj's offering is Remote Control & Telemetry - INternet Enabled Devices from Infinite, Greece.

    • iLOG series
      Internet enabled ™RTU/Dataloggers
      Professional instruments for telemetry and data logging exploiting full the communications capabilities of Internet via LAN, PSTN modems and GSM/GPRS networks.
    • SCOM-100 series
      SMS Alarm pager and remote controller
      A unique device for alarm annunciation and remote control using SMS.

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    GAS DETECTION : • Protable • Stand-Alone • Fixed:

    Giriraj Associates is in strategic tie up with BW Technologies Ltd, Canada for their range of Gas Detection Products.

    BW Technologies Ltd. designs, manufactures and markets a full line of gas-detection equipment. Poisonous gases are a daily risk for people who work in many industries, including mining, fire rescue work and the oil and gas industry. BW makes portable, hand-held instruments, as well as detectors that can be stationed or affixed in buildings. All of BW's products protect both personnel and the facilities where they work.